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Celestial Sea, peaceful solo piano


70 bpm

Easy listening

Music - single full track


(For YouTube video skip to 6:02 for the beginning of the piece).
A quiet, peaceful, atmospheric piece lasting approximately 2:40. In Ab major. The piece starts to get more lively around at the 6:37 mark. The piece was played live so there are a few mistakes, but that wouldn't be the case for the final version.
  • Mysterious
  • Peaceful
  • Relaxed
  • Sentimental
  • Intro story / animation
  • Title screen / Menu system
  • Ingame standard level
  • Intermission animation
FileFileinfoPriceMP3 previews
2.2 mb
  • 676 kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Music is loop-able, but also has an ending
Skip to 6:02 in the YouTube video to hear the piece. Price not set, I'd like you to email me at: Can be converted to an 8 bit/Chip style of music.
€ 10.00 exclusive

Author: Michael   [Request this track]    [Request project work]    [View track & author details

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Authors description:

Compose emotional piano pieces and also multi-instrumental works. Featured on "Moving Classics", a piano blog for original composers, for my piece "Bright-side", which is an upbeat catchy piano piece. Another piece a more peaceful quiet one, Celestial Sea, was performed (not by me) as a prelude in front of a public crowd of over 200.

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Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

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Will work for little to no payment, just looking for more experience.