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Here you can register as an artist at, and put your tracks on display. Your real name, website URL and description are optional fields, but highly recommended to fill out. Don't forget to input a valid e-mail address, so game-developers can contact you about your tracks or project-work.

Payment notes are also optional, but is intended to contain your Paypal- and/or bank account information. It's up to you how you choose to give this information to the world though, and since there is no automatic spam protection of e-mail addresses in that field, you should at least find some clever way of disguising your Paypal account address. Like e.g. paypal (at) domain dot com or similar.

Your e-mail address in the E-mail field is hidden from the public, and used by to mail you the content of the contact forms filled out by game-developers.

Before you register please note that IGM allows only direct linked tracks. That means, you cannot link to another music site. You need to link directly to the file. This is done in order to not make life miserable for game-developers browsing the site. I simply just don't want to make them browse 30 different presentations of tracks on sites requiring each their own plugin. If you are fine with that, go ahead and sign up. :-)

(Note, that can offer you diskspace if you have no other options. 10 euro will buy you 100mb space for a year).

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