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Erin Holmes


Authors description:

Hello Everyone

My name is Erin and I am a Composer, Sound Designer, etc. etc. etc.

What draws me to working with video games is the diversity and passion in each project. I have a lot of variation spanning across nearly every genre under my belt - I love the freedom of being able to create any mood for any genre at any given time. If I was asked to specify as to a favorite to write, I could only give the wide span of “soundtracks and scores” as my answer because to me soundtracks and scores are not a genre, but a mood to a given moment.

I like things that pull at emotions.

I love anything attached to a story that stretches and develops throughout time. What I do is highly connected with a sense of feeling and a sense of being. To me, it is all about where, what, and why; being aware in a place and being aware of ones self in that place. Everything I work on, I can paint a scene in my head. I can feel the stirring and the yearning of the piece, and I want to be able to help paint these feelings on the insides of people’s minds. The correlation of sight, sound, and feeling - you can have one without the other, but all together they create something so all encompassing and captivating. I love the meticulousness of creating a sonic environment and being able to piece together these individual sounds to create an immersive world.

As far as game soundtracks go, I’ve always been extremely moved and inspired by the Ori And The Blind Forest, Elder Scrolls, and Unravel soundtracks. I am particularly in love with the style and moods of these games; fantasy games or anything ethereal, moody, or whimsical and magical. Open world, RPG is as immersive as a project can get, which I love but honestly as long as I can immerse into and connect with the game design style and maybe storyline, I can connect with the game.
Themes that tend to inspire my work:

-Medieval/Dark ages
-anything with Elves
-anything with magic
-beautiful scenery/nature
-magical forests; warm sunlight peeking through trees
-epic shiz

While working with many clients through the years, I have been able to fine-tune a workflow of recording, mixing, and editing and sending out demos, making changes, and sending final products in a timely manner. I am very detailed and prefer strong communication throughout the entire process to ensure each party is understood, needs are met, and to ensure ideas come to life.

I look forward to talking to some of you about your projects and hope to help pour passion into your work, so please have a look at my website and reel. In the meantime, I will link some examples of my work.

Composition Playlist:

Cheers and good luck in creating your games!
Erin Holmes

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